Custom Stainless Steel Welding Parts
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Custom Stainless Steel Welding Parts

Custom Stainless Steel Welding Parts

Material: stainless steel
Size: OEM, subjected to client's drawings or samples
Finish: OEM, according to customer's requirement
Process: stamping, punching, bending, welding

Foxtonn Metal Products Co., Ltd has been established in 2008, covering more than 4000 square meters. We specialize in sheet metal fabrication including shearing, punching, stamping, bending, drilling and tapping, machining, welding and spot welding.

Working with various materials such as, Cold-Rolled Steel, Galvanized, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, we provide services that call for a high degree of skill, high tech machinery and thorough knowledge of metal working.

OEM Commercial catering machine cabinets, pc electronic enclosures, mailboxes, gaming machine cabinets, CNC machining, metal brackets, kinds of metal works are at our process range.

Skilled craftsmen, with years of specialized knowledge and understanding, fabricating parts to specified tolerances. We are confident that we offer a far more cost-effective and low-risk solution than our competition.

Quality first! It is our aim to exceed the expectations of our customers and staff.

Should you have any needs for OEM metal works, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Equipment: Code: Manufacturer:
Laser Cutting Machine 3300 TONGKUAI
CNC Punching Machine 345 AMADA
CNC Punching Machine 245 AMADA
CNC Bending Machine R100 AMADA
CNC Bending Machine R80 AMADA
CNC Bending Machine R35 AMADA


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