Customized Commercial Dust Cleaner
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Customized Commercial Dust Cleaner

We offer customized service for all sheet metal products
At FoxTonn, we work hard to ensure that we find a solution that will suit your specific needs!
Our factory named Foxtonn Metal Products Co., Ltd was found in 2008,covering more than 4000 square meters. We've been aggressively building and expanding our metal fabrication services for more than 10 years.
Our expertise includes work with stainless steel, mild steel,Galvanized, as well as industry-leading advanced aluminum fabrication. We can handle large-sized products and high-capacity production.
We are specializing in maufacturering of customized cabinets slot machine cabinets, coffee machine cabinets, electric cabinets, housings and parts for commercial and industrial machines, bending,welding and laser cutting sheetmetal parts and etc which widely applied in communication, electric power, power supply, air conditioning, industrial control, power, transportation, advertising and other industries.
At FoxTonn, we work hard to ensure that we find a solution that will suit your specific needs.
We also look forward to the cooperation with your esteemed company soon.
To know more about us, you're welcome to visit our website: .
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Tel: +86-750-3798162
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Add: No.: 28 Zone A, Wucongling Industrial Area, Duruan Town, Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong China
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