Electric Car Battery Supply EV Charger
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Electric Car Battery Supply EV Charger

All sheet metal items can be custom-made here.

Electric car battery supply EV charger

Accompanying with the popularity of electrical vehicles,there is a huge requirement for charging stations . Less consumption of gasline,better protection to global environment. Customize your charging station with us,to re-beautified our planet

Foxtonn is an expert in customized sheet metal fabrication, which widely applied in various kinds of commercial and industrial machines. Representative products are slot machine cabinets, coffee machine cabinets, electric cabinets,bending sheet metal parts,welding sheet metal parts, laser cutting sheet metal parts etc.

-Made of iron,with powder coated.
-CNC facilities applied,and strict quality control,guarantee high quality.
-Size and layout can be various from specific requirement,satisfying different assembling needs.

Electric Car Battery Supply EV Charger

-Main processing techniques: welding,punching,bending,polishing.

Foxtonn has been concentrating on customized sheet metal products to meet different assembling needs.

Complete series of products,ranging from small sheet metal parts, to bigger sheet metal housing and large sheet metal cabinets.

Electric Car Battery Supply EV Charger

Besides, housings for slot machines,coffee machines, network server cabinets, vending machine cabinets are warmly welcome in different markets.

More sheet metal EV charger
Electric Car Battery Supply EV ChargerStainless steel parking kiosk
Electric Car Battery Supply EV Charger

Foxtonn is proficient in all processing techniques for sheet metal fabrication,such as:
1, welding
2, polishing
6,laser cutting

What's more? Being an expert in customized sheet metal products, Foxtonn offers more than your imagination. Your ideas will come into existance here.

Characteristic design,high quality,speedy delivery will be in returned to your every trust.


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