OEM Powder Coating Spiral Fan Guard
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OEM Powder Coating Spiral Fan Guard

We specialize in production such as precision sheet metal fabrication, metal stamping press, deep drawing press,and metal wirework as per customers' drawings or samples. Our products are being exported to USA,UK,Finland,Canada,Australia and New Zealand ETC.Hope you can also be one of our potential customers. You can believe in me.Our factory's professional service won't disappoint you either.

we will be appreciated to send you quotation list upon receipt of your drawings or samples.OEM products are welcome. Our price would be competitive since we own firsthand raw material and firsthand products.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Could you kindly inform us your email address?Then we can send more photos for your reference about our product details and our technics ETC.Thanks.

Welcome to China & welcome to visit our factory~

No. Description Code Origin Max Size for processing QTY
1 Large Lathe CW61100A TIANSHUI Ø1000mmX5000mm 1
2 Large Lathe CW611250 SHENYI Ø1300mmX2500mm 1
3 Lathe CY-K360n/750 YUNNAN ∮350*750 2
4 Lathe CA6140A SHENYANG ∮450*2000 1
5 CNC Lathe CY-K360n YUNNAN Ø400mmX750mm 2
6 Small Gantry Milling Machine X2026/6000 GUANGDONG 6mX2.55mX2m(Height) 1
7 Large Gantry Milling Machine XT9S GUANGDONG 3mX1.3mX1m(Height) 1
8 Large Gantry Grinder LM3215 GUANGDONG 3.5mX2.1mX1.15m(Height) 1
9 Beijing Vertical Milling X53K/1 BEIJING 400mmX1600mm 1
10 Taiwan Vertical Milling CAINFUL
400*1100 3
11 Radial Arm Dill 23050X16/1 SHENYANG ZHOGNJIE Hole Ø50mm 3
12 Saw Machine CD4240 ZHEJIANG ZHONGDE 400mmX700mm 2
13 Shearing Machine
SHANGHAI 8mm*3500mm 1
14 Bending Machine
SHANGHAI 8mm*3500mm 1
15 CNC Cutting Machine
WUXI 3000mm*6000mm 1
16 CNC Bending RG100 Japan AMADA 5mm*3000mm 1
17 CNC Bending RG80 Japan AMADA 4mm*2000mm 1
18 CNC Bending RG35 Japan AMADA 3mm*1200mm 1
19 CNC Punching 345 Japan AMADA 1000mm*6000mm 1
20 CNC Punching 245 Japan AMADA 1000mm*6000mm 1
21 CNC Laser Tube Cutting 7000 Turmpf 7000mm 1
22 CNC Laser Plate Cutting 3030 Turmpf 1500mm*3000mm 1


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