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Assembly & Integration
Foxtonn clients can take advantage of our precision-assembly services to reduce their production complexity and expense. Clients taking advantage of our assembly and integration services have fewer items to purchase, manage less inventory and reduce their labor costs. We apply our expert techniques to assemble products built from our fabricated components, customer-supplied materials, or purchased components, or a combination of all three.
The components assembled and integrated can range from simple mechanical assemblies of fabricated sheet metal parts to complex electro-mechanical assemblies with extensive bills of material. Assembly and integration can include inspection, testing and custom packaging of your product. We can even ship it directly to your customer.

 Sheet Metal Assembly:
Foxtonn offers complete sheet-metal assembly services for items that are Foxtonn fabricated, customer supplied and/or purchased, enabling firms to harness the value of our lean, rigorously managed and monitored production processes.

 Electro-mechanical Assembly:
From wire harnesses to power supplies and beyond, companies requiring meticulous integration of electrical and other non-sheet metal parts to complete their assemblies can look to us for the quality, consistency and flexibility of scheduling we apply to all our processes.


Logistics & Inventory Support
Logistics & Inventory Support   Unlike other fabricators where services end once the part is produced, Metcam has developed a suite of enhanced services to add additional value for our clients. These enhanced services not only save our customers money but they also further our clients' lean and sustainable operations goals.

 Integration of and support
for EDI automates two-way data exchange between our computer systems and those of our clients and even their vendors or customers, transferring, tracking and updating production, shipping, warehousing and other pivotal data such as pick tickets and bills of lading.

 Integration of and support
for XML enables vendor and platform neutral exchange and acknowledgement of invoices, receiving data and other documents over the Internet.

 Just-In-Time Delivery:
Our highly efficient and reliable scheduling processes, paired with our ability to warehouse finished components and assemblies, enables Metcam to deliver on a just-in-time basis to locations of the clients' choice.

 Direct Ship:
Metcam can expertly package and direct-ship everything from finished parts to completed assemblies straight to our clients' customers.

 Ship to Production Line:
If a client is using our components on their production line, we can timely deliver the desired quantity straight to that line, packed in the production-floor rack they specify.

 Private Labeling:
Metcam ships the desired quantities of a finished item directly to a client's customer, but all packaging materials and routing instructions make the containers appear to have come from the client's own facility.

 Consignment:
Metcam can ship its components for storage in a segregated location on a client's property. Invoicing for the inventory from Metcam does not commence until the client pulls that inventory for their production processes.

Foxtonn Sustainability Sustainability

Good for Business; Good for the World
Metcam has worked actively for more than a decade to achieve the most sustainable operating environment possible and has adopted a formal environmental policy that is supported at all levels of the company:
"Metcam is dedicated to sound environmental stewardship through sustainable practices, continuous improvement, regulatory compliance, pollution prevention, continuous review and public transparency."
The benefits of Metcam’s sustainability program have been tangible and dramatic, from reduced manufacturing costs and more satisfied customers to ISO 14001 certification (we are one of the few fabricators in the country to achieve this milestone). We have received numerous environmental accolades, including:
  • Gold Level Partner in the Partnership for a Sustainable Georgia 
  • Gold Level Partner in the Clean Air Campaign 
  • Recipient of the Governor’s Award for Pollution Prevention 
  • Plant of the Year award for Waste Minimization 
  • Industrial Facility of the Year Award in 2007 for water conservation 
  • Recognition by the Georgia Legislature, and other accolades

Highlights of Metcam's Environmental Programs Include...
  • Metcam installed high efficiency lighting throughout, replaced an aging roof with an insulated roofing membrane system, installed a high-efficiency HVAC system and made improvements to finishing systems (ovens, booths and air control). 
  • We use Zero-VOC paint, resulting in better environmental air quality and a safer working environment for employees. 
  • We have installed filtration and reuse systems that significantly increase the life of our water baths and reduce water usage and waste water. 
  • Metcam has established ongoing programs such as No Idle Zones at our docks, recycling to reduce solid waste, Forsyth County’s Adopt-A-Road roadside clean-up, and returnable / reusable packaging for our products. 
  • We participate in the Georgia Clean Air campaign, and Metcam employees help collect consumer E-Waste for Forsyth County’s electronics recycling program.


Product Finishing
No part is complete until it is finished, and Foxtonn excels at finishing, We can make your parts look great.

 Powder Coating:
Our highly efficient, conveyor-based powder-coating systems combine sustainable practices such as paint reclamation with prepping and spraying processes that ensure superior paint quality. We can match any color offering Smooth, Textured, Glossy or Flat finishes.

 Silk Screening:
Single or multi-color, Foxtonn’s silk screening gives your product a professional finish.

 Plating and other services:
Foxtonn handles plating and other finishing services upon request.

If applicable, custom masking solutions are developed. This provides the customer potential design alternatives and cost reductions. The end result is a top quality product utilizing a cost competitive method of finishing.


Delivering Quality, Every Day
Quality is a cornerstone of Foxtonn's mission. We engage in a continual effort to monitor and enhance both product and process quality with a goal of achieving a zero error rate in every aspect of production. 

Our fabrication processes are almost exclusively non-repetitive, and customer design changes are frequent, so maintaining quality is challenging. We believe that even a defect rate well below the industry average merits improvement. 

Metcam supplements customer-supplied diagrams with in-house drawings. Customer drawings are prepared using a variety of different drawing standards and therefore can cause confusion to operators trained to focus on consistency. Our in-house drawings use standardized measurements and provide only the specific information an operator needs to perform his or her task. Completed parts and assemblies are then checked against the customer drawings to ensure they are fabricated to specifications.
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