Solution for sheet metal bending process arrangement
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Solution for sheet metal bending process arrangement

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The sheet metal bending process is a manufacturing process in which sheet metal is continuously bent in a series to generate a workpiece. Among them, the adjustment time of the bending equipment and the operation time of the workpiece are the key factors that affect the manufacturing cost. The bending process planning of sheet metal parts should consider a series of factors, the most important of which is interference. On the basis of avoiding interference, considering the number of die changes, workpiece turning and turning times, find the best bending sequence, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve work efficiency.

The process design of the bending process is affected by the comprehensive influence of the variety of products, the discreteness of the manufacturing process, the complexity of the production environment, and the ambiguity of the system state, making process planning an extremely complex decision-making process. Facts have proved that the optimization of the bending process is largely a multi-strong optimization process. It is impossible to adopt a simple mathematical model to realize all functions of a complex of various processes such as process design, Chu feature technology, and logical decision-making optimization.

Combinatorial optimization is a discrete optimization problem. It is widely used in planning, scheduling, resource allocation, decision-making and other problems. Due to the high computational complexity of the combinatorial optimization problem, it belongs to NP (Nondeterminstic Polynomial-bounded) "difficult". Category problem. The optimization problem of bending process belongs to NP problem. When the scale of sorting is small, the traditional logical decision-making method can be used, which generally can obtain better feasibility, and can also be solved by the classic algorithm of operations research. When the sorting scale is large, since the number of combined feasible solutions increases exponentially, it is actually impossible to enumerate all the sections and find the optimal solution.

Because of these characteristics of the NP problem, heuristic methods are used to solve such problems. This method is based on experience and judgment, try to reduce the search range of the solution, avoid blind search, and also get a better approximate optimal solution. For the optimization of the bending process, different heuristic rules and AI (artificial intelligence) technology are used to solve it. In many studies, heuristic rules are used to generate bending processes and select the most suitable mold for each process, thereby reducing the search space

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